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Catreal Wood, MBA
QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor

Are You Missing Out Because You Don't Have a
Pro-Active Accountant?

Most business owners end up overpaying in taxes, wasting time doing their own books and miss out on major business opportunities because they don't have pristine financials.

CBW Accounting & Business Tax is different, we provide year-round, pro-active guidance & tax reduction planning to help you keep more of what you make.
Typical tax firms are too busy to provide pro-active guidance to help your business thrive.

Keep More of What You Make & Focus on What You do Best.

What's Included in the Outsourced Accounting Model

We'll clean up your books, establish a perfect chart of accounts and ensure you're setup correctly.
Provide an in-depth analysis of your taxes, financial situation and accounting system.
We'll create a comprehensive tax reduction plan for the current year and the future, identifying how to keep more of what you make.
We'll provide excellent bookkeeping every month, keeping you up to date and doing it to perfection.
We'll set you up on the best payroll, and either run it for you or equip your staff to do it.
We'll pay in your taxes throughout the year according to the tax plan, which eliminates year end surprises. Never overpay or build up a huge tax bill.
We'll provide monthly or quarterly reports and management dashboards for key performance indicators.
We'll meet before year end to make major tax mitigation decisions around investments, purchases and strategy.
We'll close out your books and perform high levels of year end reporting.
We'll make year end tax season a breeze since we've done all the bookkeeping, tax payments & tax plans.
We'll prepare & file your taxes.
We'll guide you to build tax efficient wealth & provide guidance on mitigating risks for you, your business & family.

David and Tia Maldonado

Bishop and Pastor of Christ International Church, Owner of David Maldonado Ministries
"CBW has totally improved and organized our business. The service is prompt, efficient, detailed, and kindly personable. The advice and guidance received has made what used to be complicated, now simplified."

Angie Tonini-Rogers

Realtor, Homepage Realty
"I loved working with her! She is personable, she listens, & takes the detailed time to really make sure everything is correct. I feel like it’s a breath of fresh air when I can work with someone who I feel is working hard and does it with high quality, integrity, & excellence!"

Derrick Sharpe

Owner, Sharpe’s Landscaping
"If you’re looking for a highly skilled and professional accountant CBW is the way to go. With her financial guidance I was able to build my business from the ground up."


Get real, super impactful tax reduction strategies for your owner operator trucking company.

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Gain Time & Efficiency

You and your staff won't ever waste time in books or accounting.

Pristine Financials

We'll establish perfect records & keep them up to date.

Lowered Taxes

Our tax reduction planning will put a dent in your tax bill.

Dedicated to Local Small Businesses

Accounting Firms Near Cleveland, Ohio

If you're looking for a small business tax and accounting firm near Cleveland Ohio, then we'd love the opportunity to connect with you and see if we're a good fit.  There's quite a few lists of the best tax accountants near Cleveland Ohio such as Clutch, Yelp, Thumbtack, Expertise, Upcity, and others - but we're confident that once you connect with us here at CBW, you'll see that we're the best business tax accountant in Cleveland.

The Best Tax Accountants Near Ohio Deliver Focused Service

We believe to our core that the best business tax accountants in Cleveland Ohio are going to be focused on a smaller group of businesses, rather than providing tax preparation services to thousands of individuals.

We work with a smaller group of small businesses and then provide a much deeper level of guidance & service to those businesses.  We're not your typical accountant near Cleveland Ohio in this manner, we're truly set apart.

How to Choose the Best Tax Accountant Near Ohio?

When your'e interviewing us, or any other of the accountants near Cleveland Ohio, you'll want to pay attention to whether or not they're able to provide pro-active guidance and service throughout the entire year, rather than just focusing at the end of the year.

If your Cleveland Tax accountant is not engaged in your business throughout the year, you're going to overpay in tax, waste resources, and squander opportunities from a lack of support & tax strategies.

We're on a mission to be the absolute best tax accountant near Cleveland Ohio, and we do that by providing our integrated outsourced accounting services, which includes bookkeeping services, tax strategy planning, CFO guidance and year-end tax return preparation.

Bookkeeping Services Near Cleveland, Ohio

We're on a Mission to be the Best Bookkeeper in Cleveland Ohio

We pride ourselves in being one of the top small business bookkeeping services near Cleveland Ohio.  We provide virtual and local bookkeeping services near Ohio.  

Who's the best bookkeeping company near Cleveland Ohio? CBW Tax & Accounting is a local Cleveland bookkeeper that helps small businesses establish pristine financials, scale their operations and mitigate their overall business tax liabilities.  

How to Choose a Bookkeeping Company Near Cleveland Ohio:

As a bookkeeper in Cleveland, we've helped scores of companies and we want to equip you with a perspective that will lead to the best outcome for your and your business.

When you're choosing a bookkeeper or bookkeeping service, it's most important that you utilize an integrated service that handles bookkeeping and tax reduction planning.  

Your Cleveland based bookkeeper should not simply reconcile quickbooks or XERO, the best bookkeeping services near Cleveland are also going to be tax accountants that can provide leadership around tax reduction planning and the timing of your business investments.

Great tax planning is rooted in bookkeeping, and if your bookkeeper is not a tax reduction strategist like we are, or if you're doing your own bookkeeping, we're absolutely sure that you're overpaying in tax and missing out on some tax reduction strategies.

Tax Reduction Strategist Near Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Tax Accountant & Strategist

If you're looking for a tax strategist or tax accountant to make sure you don't overpay in tax, then you're in the right place. Here at CBW Tax & Accounting, we provide pro-active, and aggressive tax reduction planning.

Pay Your Fair Share and Not a Penny More

We know how to help Cleveland Small Businesses lower their taxes, build tax efficient wealth, and properly invest into a business so that taxes are mitigated and growth goals are reached.

Tax Strategists Near Me in Cleveland Ohio.

Are there any tax strategists for businesses in Cleveland? Yes, here at CBW Tax & Accounting, we are a tax strategy firm that specializes in helping small businesses and independent contractors lower their taxes.

S-Corp Setup & Tax Accountant Cleveland Ohio

The best tax accountants near Cleveland are going to engage with your business, without wasting your time, in order to help you identify the best tax mitigation strategies possible, and then help your business actually implement those stategies.

One of the best tax mitigation techniques for Cleveland based small businesses is often to convert from a Schedule C, and become an S-Corporation.  

Our Cleveland Tax Accounting services include S-Corp setup, conversions and 1120S tax return preparation so that your business can maximize any potential that an S-Corp might provide.

What We Deliver:

Business Tax Returns Made Easy

We'll prepare and file your taxes, whether you're an LLC, Schedule C, S-Corp, C-Corp or Partnership.
We will do your business & personal tax returns.

Lowered Taxes

We work throughout the year to help you implement strategies so you don't overpay in taxes.

Pristine Financials & 
Prompt Bookkeeping

Don't waste your time on bookkeeping.
We'll keep your books up to date, and ensure it's done to the highest standards.  

Financial Reporting & 
Business Guidance

We'll serve as your outsourced CFO, helping you with management reports & key performance indicators.
We'll also produce fantastic financials that your lenders will love.

We've got your business covered

Business Tax Returns

We don't just file your business taxes, we identify ways to lower your taxes & add value.

Bookkeeping Services

We'll ensure your financials & books are done to perfection, laying the perfect foundation.

Tax Reduction Planning

We'll ensure that you choose the right entity, and maximize the savings opportunities.

Payroll Services

We have deep understanding of all the options out there and we'll help you select and implement what's best.

Outsourced Accounting

Our outsourced accounting service is focused on delivering real results, not just year end compliance.

"Since our first interaction she has been truly a blessing. My books are up-to-date, I’m aware of potential tax savings, and I don’t stress anymore about compliance. I can now say I am and I feel financially free!!!"
Malika Jones,
Master Colorist & Owner,
Hair Care by Lik

Credibility & Integrity

Cleveland's Small Business Business Accountant

We help small businesses across the United States through our remote accounting & bookkeeping services, but we really love helping the small businesses of Cleveland Ohio, and the surrounding cities.

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