Reviews & Testimonials

Hear from our fantastic customers.
"CBW has totally improved and organized our business. The service is prompt, efficient, detailed, and kindly personable. The advice and guidance received has made what used to be complicated, now simplified."
David and Tia Maldonado
Bishop and Pastor of Christ International Church, Owner of David Maldonado Ministries
"I loved working with her! She is personable, she listens, & takes the detailed time to really make sure everything is correct. I feel like it’s a breath of fresh air when I can work with someone who I feel is working hard and does it with high quality, integrity, & excellence!"
Angie Tonini-Rogers
Realtor, Homepage Realty
"If you’re looking for a highly skilled and professional accountant CBW is the way to go. With her financial guidance I was able to build my business from the ground up."
Derrick Sharpe
Owner, Sharpe’s Landscaping
"Working with CBW lifted a weight off my shoulders. She helped me figure out my margins, establish best practices and I no longer feel the need to overwork myself."
Jasmine Brown
Owner, Baked By Jasz
"Catreal has truly made filing my taxes simpler. She’s helped me remain organized and always has recommendations for new tax savings. Year after year her professionalism puts me at ease."
Braxtyn McKinney
Self Employed Model