Tax Reduction Planning

Get pro-active tax reduction planning to keep more of what you earn.

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LLC vs. S-Corp Maximization

We'll ensure that you choose the right entity, and maximize the savings opportunities.

Year-Round, Pro-Active Advice

We don't just sit back idly, we pro-actively identify strategies to save taxes & build your business.

Bottom Line Deduction = FREE Cash

One dollar in tax reduction represents 3x - 10x that number in revenue, we put an end to unnecessary taxes.

Tax reduction planning small businesses Cleveland Ohio

How certain are you that you are not overpaying in taxes?

Most accountants are too busy preparing hundreds of taxes to be able to provide proactive, year-round tax mitigation planning.

Short-term and long-term tax reduction planning

We work to help you, your family and your small business, never over pay in taxes and maximize every tax loophole, strategy and plan available to keep more of what you earn.

Creative and basic tax reduction

There's a huge difference between businesses that work to mitigate taxes and those who simply march on without paying attention.

If you wait till after the year ends to talk taxes, you've probably overpaid.

Excellent tax planning requires consistent analysis and strategic guidance coupled with nimble maneuvering of your financials.

We will help you maximize cash flow, accomplish your goals, and pay as little in tax as legally possible.

Engage with your business throughout the year

The key to tax reduction planning is to have a qualified tax reduction specialist engaged in your books throughout the entire year.

In order to maximize tax reduction strategies, you need to be engaged with your net profits, purchasing, benefits, overall S Corp. salary, and retirement plans.

The best tax write off is really tied to proactively engaging the correct strategies.

Small businesses are always trying to find the best tax write off for the small business, but that is not the correct approach if you really want to ensure you never overpay in taxes.

All the meaningful tax reduction strategies available require proactive engagement and investment.

Bookkeeping & Tax Services Integrated with Tax Reduction Planning

Signing up for our outsourced accounting service means that we will be engaged in your bookkeeping, tax payments and year end tax returns, which makes it really easy for us to identify and implement tax reduction tactics.

If you like the idea of having a one stop shop that's focused on actually improving your business, then connect with us here for a free consultation.

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Business Tax Returns

We don't just file your business taxes, we identify ways to lower your taxes & add value.

Bookkeeping Services

We'll ensure your financials & books are done to perfection, laying the perfect foundation.

Tax Reduction Planning

We'll ensure that you choose the right entity, and maximize the savings opportunities.

Payroll Services

We have deep understanding of all the options out there and we'll help you select and implement what's best.

Outsourced Accounting

Our outsourced accounting service is focused on delivering real results, not just year end compliance.